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Smooth Jazz and More Celebrates Pride Month

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J.A.M. concluded with International Jazz Day on April 30th The celebration of jazz musical heritage included concerts, festivals and music workshops for students.

Even though it's over, you can still ways you can celebrate. Here's a few suggestions:

  • Attend a jazz concert at a local concert hall, performing arts organization, church, school, college, or jazz society.
  • Read a biography about one of your favorite jazz musicians, jazz poetry, or other jazz book.
  • Make a pilgrimage to your favorite jazz city, jazz museum, or to a musician's birthplace or gravesite.
  • Watch a jazz documentary, film, or performance.
  • Subscribe to a jazz magazine or other publication online or in print.
  • Hold a jazz-themed party in honor of a favorite musician, or to celebrate jazz in general.

For more suggestions, go to smithsonianjazz,org.


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The Threestyle Jazz Radio Show


Our radio station airs a weekly show created by the European smooth jazz group, 'Threestyle'. .

The show highlights new music from the group, along with interviews from music artists.

Join Magdalena and Robert for a new episode every Sunday at 4pm Eastern Time (Repeat broadcasts at 8pm Eastern and 9pm Pacific.).

More information on our blog, CLICK HERE FOR MORE!


Hollywood House

Hollywood House, the long-awaited novel by internet radio producer, Mike James was released in 2021 and is based on his life as a teen during Hip-Hop's early days.

It's the story of two teenagers. One, a shy new kid on the block. The other, a basketball jock and a rapper emcee.  Both of these kids are growing up in a racially charged world, and they have high-hopes of making it big in an underground music genre that will be later known as “hip-hop”.  

“Hollywood House” will resonate with anyone who had a dream in high school and made a naïve attempt at making it happen.

Douwnload your copy of the book on Amazon Kindle, or purchase a paperback version for less than $5 dollars on Amazon.

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