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Smooth Jazz and More moves to Torontocast Effective Immediately

Due to numerous technical disruptions that has taken our stream off the air at SoniXcast over the last three weeks in February, we've decided to transition over to a new broadcast provider.

Torontocast will be the new provider of our broadcast stream effective immediately.  We've changed most of our broadcast stream addresses at radio directories along the internet, along with radio stream addresses at TuneIn and Orange Radio. Our stream at Nobex Partners is up and running. Unfortunately, iTunes directory will not be updated, as they are no longer making updates or accepting new radio streams.

The stream at Sonixcast has been discontinued. We anticipate a smooth transition to a more stable provider in Torontocast. We apologize for any inconvenience, as these technical issues were out of our control. Please let us know if any links to our stream need to be updated.

Download at the iTunes Store! Download at the Google Play Store! Download at Blackberry World!


*NEW* DOWNLOADABLE LINKS: Open/run to activate certain players;

Winamp Windows Media Real Player Quicktime Web


You can also enter this stream directly into your favorite app or player by copy/paste the link: http://cristina.torontocast.com:8099/;  

Please note: iTunes will no longer update their Internet Radio Directory. Therefore, our websitream in the iTunes Radio Directory will cease on March 15. You can still listen on the iTunes player by manually adding the link address.

Please contribute to our GoFundMe campaign.

In May 2015, we started a GoFundMe campaign to help fund our internet radio station. We initially set a goal of $2,500 dollars last November to help keep us on Live365. With the help of generous donors, we were able to raise $700 dollars over two years.

The new goal we've decided to set is $3,500 dollars. Here is a rough estimate of our yearly costs:

Internet Radio Provider (Torontocast)

Music Licensing (Mandatory for the United States and Canada) $1920.20
Website (Hosting) $75
Domain Names (smoothjazzandmore.com & smoothjazzandmore.net) $25
Carbonite (For back-up file storage)


SAM Broadcast PRO (One-time fee) $299
Yearly Total: $2570.78


Our Internet radio station is maintained with the financial help of our listeners. You can also contribute by purchasing an an item in our gift shop at CafePress. Smooth Jazz and More gets a portion of your purchase, and in return, helps us maintain our administrative costs.

Please give what ever you can, and for those who've contributed, thanks so much for your generous support.

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