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Smooth Jazz and More Celebreates it's 20th Anniversary

This July marked a milestone in our internet radio station's history.

In 2001, we began broadcasting on Live365. We started broadcasting after a local smooth jazz radio station in Syracuse, New York flipped to another format. Since then, we slowly built up our brand to include our official website, our blogs, a gift shop, a podcast and a social media prenence online.

Over the years, we've had to overcome significant changes to the internet radio broadcasting landcape. They included the demise of the original Live365, disruptions in service at previous stops at Radionomy and SonixCast and financial challenges to stay on the air.

But through it all, we've managed to overcome our roadblocks and stay on track.

To our long time listeners, thank you so much for your support. This broadcast stream can’t continue without the generous support of you. There are two ways you can help out. First is through our GoFundMe Fundraising campaign. We started soliciting donations in 2016 and during that time, we've raised nearly $1,000 dollars. That amount goes directly towards our operating costs. We're approaching a critical time where bills are coming due in August and September. So, keep us going by your donations. Just click on the GoFundMe banner on the left side of the page and give what you can.

The other way you can help out is by purchasing items at our gift store at Café Press. A portion of your purchase will go to the station’s operating costs, and you can show your support by wearing our swag 24/7. There are shirts, hats and collectables to tell everyone you listen to smooth jazz and more. Click on the Cafe Press banner below.


Hollywood House

Hollywood House, the long-awaited novel by internet radio producer, Mike James ia now available.

Based on his life as a teen, It's the story of two teenagers. One, a shy new kid on the block. The other, a basketball jock and a rapper emcee.  Both of these kids are growing up in a racially charged world, and they have high-hopes of making it big in an underground music genre that will be later known as “hip-hop”.  

“Hollywood House” will resonate with anyone who had a dream in high school and made a naïve attempt at making it happen.

Pre-order thru Amazon.com or download via Kindle eBook .

For more of an insight to the book's origin, read this blog entry by the author, Mike James.




Featured Artist

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Our podcasts are now available on Amazon Music and Audible. You can also listen and subscribe at iTunes or the website. New episodes this month.

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The NFL season begins, and Smooth's NFL Football Picks is back for the new season. Listen or read on our blog all season long.

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